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The Bible prophesies that this age of human misrule will end, and Jesus Christ will return. But so many people have been wrong about when this will happen. How can we really know if we are in the end times?

You have the potential to transform nations!

But the key to unlocking that potential lies in your growth. You see, a better you is an unstoppable change agent—a transformed you creates a transformed world.

We are all about transformation. That’s why our team and Us are committed to provide you the content and resources you need to become your better self. We are all-in on helping you make the right changes that change everything.

We are John & Shakila Olsen, and we are your friend.weI want you to fulfill your potential—I want to help you change the world.



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How Can We Pray For You?

Welcome, friend. These are uncertain times filled with anxiety and suffering, and you may be wrestling with difficult questions, or perhaps need a message of encouragement or hope. May we offer to pray for you and your concerns?